While We Wait

After a couple of disappointing auctions, we’re confident that our next auction purchase will be a success. We’re due, right?

We found an adorable “cottage” in the Five Points area of Raleigh. It’s actually a duplex condo in a large community of 2 bedroom 1 bath homes in a popular area of the city.

On auction day, we bid our maximum. Let’s hope it holds as we believe our bid is the highest price with room for profit. Another bidder would pay an additional 5%.

As we wait out the 10-day outbid period, we stay busy with honing our reno skills and pricing materials. The big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes offer free weekend classes to learn skills like backsplash tiling, faucet installation, and operating power tools.

Jennifer and I attended the tiling class to learn more about tiling mosaics, glass, and other popular materials.

We also wanted to learn about the latest tools. For example, do manual tile cutters cut glass tiles? Yep, they sure do. This tile cutter is our favorite.TileCutter

The Rubi Speed 26″ Tile Cutter. At $149 from Home Depot, it’s a great investment.

We also learned what a huge impact the color of your grout can have on the look of your tile. For example, we used a beautiful mosaic with light blue, beige, and white tiles. But, when we applied a grey grout, the light blue turned to purple. Not so beautiful anymore.

Take note: If you love the color of your glass tile, use white grout to keep the look the same.

The great thing that these free classes provide is confidence. With knowledge and practice, you really can do almost anything.



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