No Heat, No Problem

After we busted in, we got right to work. Unfortunately, utilities weren’t on yet, so we worked by head lamp. Plus, it’s freezing! Ahhh, suck it up. We don’t need warm hands and feet.

First, we clean up. There’s nothing we can’t handle … except that Jenn can’t handle pulling hair out of the tub drain. “NOPE!”

Second, we dismantle. Removed both sliding (mirrored) closet doors and a HUGE ceiling fan. Along with a dog crate large enough for a Saint Bernard, we’ll sell everything on Craigslist.

Now, our priority is the kitchen. Appliances deliver soon, and the kitchen must be close to completion by then. Jennifer found a fantastic paint that will transform our dark cherry cabinets into beautiful white with grey undertones. Note: There are dozens and dozens of “white” paint colors. Make sure you find the one that’s best for your color scheme.


This paint, called Break-Through, can be purchased at Porter Paints on Atlantic Springs Road. It’s about $80 a can, but it’s worth every penny. This one can will last more than two kitchens! It doesn’t take a lot to cover, and the results are beautiful.

Before beginning to paint, we must prep.

Remove all cabinet doors and drawers including the hardware. You can leave the drawer tracks in place unless you plan to paint the interior of the cabinet. And, NEVER paint over hinges. NEVER.

It’s also a great idea to take painters tape and place a small number within the interior of each cabinet and on its matching door or drawer. Also, keep all hardware for that cabinet inside that cabinet. This will make reassembly much easier.

Next, lightly sand every surface that will be painted. This allows the paint to adhere to the previous finish. Wipe off dust from all surfaces after sanding.

Now you can begin painting, but focus on one light coat at a time. It’s always best to apply two or three light coats than one slow-drying, clumpy, unprofessional, sucky coat. And, you know that saying “never be cheap when it comes to buying shoes or a mattress.” Well, the same applies to brushes. Buy a great brush. Jenn likes Purdy brushes.

After the cabinets are complete, we’ll move on to wall paint and tile in the kitchen. We’ll post more pictures soon.

Oh, and if you know someone with a Saint Bernard or small horse who needs a dog crate, let us know.

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