One Badass Week

It’s not like us to use profanity, but it seems appropriate. Jennifer and I had a badass week.

When we acquire a property we’ve never been in, we never know what project we’ll need to tackle. Over the past week, we’ve installed new smoke detectors, all new light fixtures, a new air conditioner thermostat and base boards and shoe molding. The walls were uneven, and Jennifer meticulously  mudded and sanded every wall in the house along with painting the kitchen cabinets.

Our biggest challenge seemed simple at first. The stainless steel kitchen sink separated from the granite countertop. We had the plumber remove the faucet and pipes and we began to scrape away the silicone. But, the sink wouldn’t budge. The inside cabinet panels (those particle-board pieces you don’t see when the appliances are installed) were preventing us from moving the sink to reseal it.

image2To make a very long story short, we broke out the jigsaw to cut away the particle board. Not that we’ve every used a jigsaw. Ha! But, we made nice clean cuts and got the sink out. Badass.

Speaking of clean, one of our favorite products is Bar Keepers Friend. Check out the sink with the one side cleaned compared to the dirty side. Most folks would replace this sink. Now it looks good as new.



The sink’s back in, sealed tight with the use of 2′ x 4’s to hold it in place. (A badass move.) Now we’re on to backsplash tile and painting. Doesn’t that tile look beautiful?? Almost as beautiful as Jennifer painting.


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