Doors Are a Pain in the Ass

In the Bernard renovation, we learned that taking care of the existing doors can be a HUGE time sucker.

For a 1950s home, the doors are magnificent. They are solid wood, which means they weigh a lot. Especially the front and back doors. We certainly would not replace them.

We found that the previous home owners painted over the existing hinges. That’s decades of layers of paint. After hours of chiseling  with a screwdriver and hammer, we found the screws and removed the hinges. The new hinges make such a difference to this clean, updated home.


In a recent post, you saw that we used a heat gun to remove lawyers of paint from the back door. Unfortunately, when the heat came near the glass, the glass cracked! So, we removed all the panes and wood frame to restore this beautiful door. We spent almost two days just on this door! But, it was worth it.

Have you considered the inside paint color of your doors? Most folks don’t think about painting the interior-side of their doors a fun color. We decided to go with a cool blue on the inside of both the front and back doors. With grey walls, wood features, and a pale blue ceiling, it’s perfect!



Never overlook the beauty and potential of your home’s doors.

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