Crooked Corner

While we’re completing the finishing touches to the townhouse, I’d like to share a pretty cool solution for an odd-shaped corner countertop.

We knew that we needed to replace the cabinet/countertop vanity in all the bathrooms. In the guest bathroom, the vanity seemed to be custom-built with a very old laminate countertop cut to fit a double corner. Jennifer and I certainly wanted to avoid the “custom” option. Custom = big $.

We chose to purchase a pre-manufactured cabinet and align it with the “first corner.” This left a weird triangle between the right side of the cabinet and the wall. Next, we had our granite guys cut the countertop to cover the cabinet AND the weird triangle space to meet the wall. Last, we built two shelves to bridge the distance between the cabinet and the wall.

Check out the pictures to see the finished product. A “custom” look for less money. And, the shelves add that much needed storage space for toiletries or rolled towels.


One thought on “Crooked Corner

  1. I think that is a great solution. More countertop space is always good and maybe the trash can could fit on the floor under the bottom shelf? I like to tuck my trash out of the way whenever possible, so I don’t have to look at it all the time. 😊


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