Dames Who Demo

Our asbestos team at AB Control spent three days removing asbestos from the crawl space, some interior pipes, and the linoleum floors in two rooms. We finished with a third-party air test that confirmed the air in the home is clean.

Now that the asbestos is gone, it’s time to demo! Throughout the last two weeks, Jennifer and I have been opening the three small rooms in the back of the house. This will soon be the large, eat-in kitchen. We’ve removed the walls, ceiling, and layers of flooring on top of the hardwoods. Behind the plaster and sheetrock, we uncovered beautiful wood panels and bead-board that we’ll use elsewhere in the house.

Jennifer and I wore respirators and protective glasses. What a messy, dusty job!


Jennifer got plenty of sledgehammer time with these cabinets.


Our daughters Logan and Caroline earned some summer money by pulling down sheetrock. They grew up together but went to different high schools. It was fun listening to their old stories while they worked.


The photo above shows the wall where Logan and Caroline were standing (on the left). You can see the kitchen take shape now that the walls are down.



We removed the wood panels from the walls and ceiling. And, each plank of wood had numerous nails to be pried out.


This is just a portion of the wood and bead-board we salvaged for later.

Up next, we’ll demo the bathroom downstairs along with the kitchen and bath upstairs. These demo days are the definition of sweat equity!

Look What We Found!

You never know what you’ll find when you start cleaning out an old home.¬†With the Colclough House, Jennifer and I began this reno with getting all the trash off the property.
The back porch seemed to be a cozy place for a passerby to take a nap. Unfortunately, we can no longer allow naps for strangers, so we kindly asked our visitor to find a new place. We moved the mattress to the trash pile. Later, he moved the mattress and some old clothes, so hopefully he has a new home.

The house came with an old carport with attached storage space. Our plan is to restore this carport including keeping the sliding barn door. We’ll add new support columns, electricity, a roof, and a clean workspace in the back.

First things first, the piles and piles of trash and treasures had to be removed.



We created a trash pile.


And a salvage pile.


Best of all, behind piles of vinyl windows, plastic shutters, and press-board cabinets, we found the original front door to the home! Isn’t she beautiful?!


And, lastly, this past week Jennifer and I began the demo to the downstairs kitchen. We had to remove the cabinets before our asbestos experts come on May 9. I was working upstairs when I heard Jennifer scream. I ran down to find Jennifer unharmed but startled. This passerby unfortunately¬†didn’t wake up from his nap.