“Dirty Jobs”

Jenn and I have always been “hands-on” when it comes to our flips and we don’t mind getting a little dirty in the process. But we’ve found ourselves grossed out on more than one occasion.

While there is so much about the Colclough House that we love, we are finding a whole lot of nastiness in the demo!

We were removing everything from the upstairs hall bath and needed to move the toilet downstairs and to the dumpster out back. We hoped we could move it easily and without leakage. WE WERE WRONG! Let’s just say that Jenn’s sneakers were christened and there was a whole lot of gagging going on!

After the toilet fiasco we moved on to our next bathroom project. We are converting an upstairs bedroom into the master ensuite and needed to remove the bead board ceiling in the room directly below it so the plumber would have full access to the floor joists to run the plumbing.

It was painstaking work since we were trying to salvage the bead board for future use. As we pried the boards out a whole lot of dust, debris and rodent poop fell on our heads! Thank goodness for hats, glasses, respirators and hot showers!

Mike Rowe would be proud!