“Ladies Changing Durham”

When we purchased the Colclough house, Jennifer and I met with dozens of contractors. They’d come down the driveway, open the truck door, and exclaim something like “this is quite the project.” Or, “do you two really own this?” Or even, “I’m a little freaked out about going upstairs.” Seriously.

It’s amazing to us just how many of these guys … guys who work on homes every day … had no vision for this house or thought we were crazy for taking on this giant restoration.

But, one guy pulled up, jump out of his truck and exclaimed “Ladies changing Durham!” We immediately loved this guy!

So far, we’ve surrounded ourselves with experts that see the vision and respect that two women can make it happen.

One of those experts is our electrical company Dynamic Electric. Check out Andrea, one of the electricians who wired the entire house. We think she’s pretty adorable along with being a badass! She’s definitely another lady changing Durham!


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