Historic Hardware

Jennifer and I have spent the last couple of weeks collecting historic hardware for use on the doors throughout the Colclough house.

First, we took a door inventory to ensure that we have all the doors we need. Fortunately, with the exception of the back door, we have enough original doors to cover all entryways inside the home.

Next, we removed all existing hardware from those doors.  Historic hardware is different than modern-day hardware. The interior mechanism is a mortise lock, which makes installing the doors more challenging. We’re also using 12-point glass knobs, which are beautiful! We made three purchases from eBay to complete our collection.

Here’s a look at what we have so far. Check out the mortise locks on the bottom left.


Many of the items are coated with multiple layers of paint. In small batches, we place the items in the crock pot with water and baking soda. After a few hours, we’re able to easily scrape and pull off the paint and crud.

Finally, we use polish to make the brass shine.

clean hardware 2

These small details make a huge impact in this authentic restoration.

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