Opening a Can of Worms

Back before we used plastic, bait shops sold worms in metal cans. Leaving the lid open could create a big problem, letting those wiggling worms escape. We use this metaphor when we try to solve a problem but worry that the solution may create an even bigger one.

As we looked at the ugly peak above the front porch of our house, we decided it needed a makeover. We ordered naturally-stained, cedar shingles to add beauty and texture. To do this right, we knew we needed to remove the deteriorating plywood panels. Our fear was that we were opening a can of worms…we had no idea what other repairs we’d find behind those panels.


Luckily, we were pleasantly surprised! We uncovered original details, with no problems to correct.


It’s hard to see at this angle, but this peak features beautiful wood detail. And, it’s sloped correctly to avoid water accumulation. No need to add shingles. And, no worms!!


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