Oooops… Call 911!

As our crew dug a hole to transplant a tree out front, I was showing my friend Elizabeth the new kitchen. Jennifer headed to her car to make some phone calls. One of the guys came in to tell me that the backhoe had severed the gas line. Oooops.

I asked, “Do we need to evacuate?”

He replied, “yeah.”

“Do I need to call 911?”


As we walked to the front of the house, we heard an enormous gushing sound…like water spraying out of large hose. Elizabeth and I hustled out of there, and I called 911. Within two minutes, the fire trucks arrived and the first responders began to evacuate the neighbors and block off the street.

The leak was so powerful, you could see the branches and leaves blowing 25 feet in the air!

The gas company arrived quickly, and within 30 minutes, the line was repaired. The sub-contractor was fined for not calling 811 to mark the gas/water/power lines. Remember, always call 811 before you dig. Never assume you know where all the lines run.

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