Let’s Go Upstairs

When we purchased the house, the upstairs was used as a separate residence. There was a separate entrance to the right of the front door which brought you right into the stairs. Those stairs were walled off from the bottom floor.

One of our favorite things about this house is the three original windows that followed the stairs upward. Now these windows are visible from the downstairs foyer.

IMG_0443833 Mangum Street-32

Once you get to the top of the stairs, you can see the door at the bottom to the outside. That wall was rebuilt with new framing and plaster. Today, it appears that the door never existed.


At the top of the stairs, you enter a large upstairs “foyer” with doors to the bedrooms and kids bath. Check out the new door to the left in the “after” picture. That’s now a laundry closet which accommodates a full-size stackable washer and dryer.


Here’s a view of this area looking back to the stairs.

IMG_0452833 Mangum Street-30

Get ready for another disgusting bathroom transformation. This was the source of all the water damage. We rearranged the footprint to make better use of the space. The bathtub/shower is now along the wall with the window.

Hall2833 Mangum Street-25Hall3IMG_6565

The bedroom to the right upstairs was used as a kitchen. It also featured another door to the outside…a fire-escape down the side of the house.

We removed numerous layers of linoleum to reveal beautiful hardwoods. And, we expanded the closet with two six-panel doors reused from other areas of the house.

IMG_0455IMG_0456833 Mangum Street-24IMG_6560

The entrance to the second bedroom upstairs was awkward with an angle that reduced the size of the room. We reframed this area to make it more square…and spacious. (Note: We closed in the entrance to another bedroom adjacent to this one to create an en suite bathroom for the master. More on this tomorrow.)

IMG_0480833 Mangum Street-31

Tomorrow we’ll reveal the master suite!

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