These Are The Things

Our before-and-after photos of the Bryan-Wells House end with the outside. Even before walking through the front door, we knew this house needed an immense amount of repair. After decades of neglect, we knew much of our budget would be spent on things you wouldn’t notice later, like a foundation overhaul, asbestos removal, new framing, rotten-siding repair, roof replacement, all new plumbing, HVAC, and electricity, and more.

When looking through the photos of this transformation, we all see the beauty. The colors, the fixtures, the original materials…these are the things that sell a home. But, it’s the things that you don’t see that were the most painful, most time consuming, and most costly. These are the things that make the house strong, functioning, and alive! These are the unseen things that a new family will rely on to work each and every day for years to come.

These before photos represent a house waiting…not dead, just dormant. The after photos, we believe, show a new life…a happy life!

IMG_0360833 Mangum Street-2

A fire escape is supposed to save you, no kill you. All gone!

We’d like to meet the guy that added the plastic stutters around the front door.


No more squatters!


A much happier space for a cook out.

IMG_0328833 Mangum Street-49

Don’t you love that original chimney?

IMG_0327833 Mangum Street-46

Removing the old carport opened up so much space for a big backyard in the city.

Shed1833 Mangum Street-47

Thank you for indulging us as we look back on this huge restoration. Jennifer and I are mighty proud to share it with you!

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