Longtime friends Jenn Furr and Jennifer Hall created Magnolia Properties of Raleigh in 2015. Both Jenn and Jennifer run separate property businesses where they buy, renovate, and rent. IMG_8317But after years of talking about flipping, these girls decided to team up to buy, renovate, and sell.

They’re not your typical flippers who use cheap materials with minimal effort. Their renos feature products and designs that reflect the latest trends. Here you’ll learn about the North Carolina foreclosure process, the highs and lows of flipping, and, most importantly, tons of home-design ideas. Jenn and Jennifer will walk you through projects that you can do yourself, and they’ll tell you exactly where you can find the products featured in their renovations. (Many of these products can be found right here in Raleigh at family-owned stores.)

If you have a design idea to share or you are a local business with a product to feature, send us a message in the comment field below with your email address. Jenn and Jennifer will reply within 48 hours. They’d love to hear from you.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! I love your business model and the idea of being able to follow along in your blog! I have a vintage shop in The Carter Building on Glenwood Ave. and offer a lot of small household items (along with clothing and jewelry!) that might be interesting to you, if the homes you’re renovating are older, vintage homes! They could provide a feeling of authenticity, character, and coziness, along with being unique and one-of-a-kind! My shop is Scatterbugs Vintage at 14 Glenwood Ave, #25, in Glenwood South, and I’m open Fridays through Sundays from 12-5 as well as by appointment. My website, http://www.scatterbugsvintage.com (on Etsy), can give you an idea of the kinds of products I offer, but there are a LOT more in the shop itself! Let me know if you have any questions! – Larisa


  2. My son and his wife are purchasing 833! Let me state what a beautiful restoration and history of the property you both have provided. Reading of the painful steps taken to preserve, rather than replace many of this home’s features , speaks volumes of your passion. My grandson will live in a fine historical home,with toxins removed. Know that my son and his family will treasure and maintain this majestic beauty in her glory, and will be filled with many happy family gatherings to come.


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